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In Thanksgiving for Catholic Education

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During this time of year when we celebrate the many blessings that God has bestowed on us I thought it appropriate to take a few moments to reflect on the wonderful gifts that exist in our wonderful Archdiocese. With one-quarter of the year gone by and the second well on its way, it seemed fitting that this time of giving thanks be upon us. After all, the work of educating students is the work of many and often times I don’t always take time to say thank you to the people who matter most. I thank God for…
•The beautiful young people entrusted to our care. Each day these students come to our buildings made of brick and mortar and turn it into a school by their enthusiasm and hard work.
•The teachers and their assistants that work day in and day out to walk worthy of the vocation to which they have been called. Truly they are the instruments of God revealing to their students the important realities of life as they impart knowledge and wisdom in their classrooms.
•The non-teaching staff that holds it all together. They are the unsung heroes of a school that are often working long hours to insure that the important tasks of operation are attended to.
•The parents and families that make so many sacrifices to insure that their children receive a Catholic education. In these difficult times it is as important as ever that schools and families work together in building a community of mutual respect and unity. Without the parents that support our mission we could not make this a reality.
•The coaches, moderators and advisors that serve as role models to our students. More often than not, these folks have more one-on-one contact with our students than do their teachers. Their tireless efforts after hours as mentors to the students of our schools bear witness to their commitment to Catholic education.
•The alumni of our schools who contributed to our past so that we might build for the future. Although they come from many different places, our alumni continue to remind us of the importance of hard work, determination and integrity.
•The volunteers that give hours upon hours to the many facets of our school that need their help. On any given day you can be found giving your time, talent and treasure to our schools. It does not go unnoticed.
•The pastors and their parishes that help to assure that our children receive a Catholic education here in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Our pastors are special leaders who deserve our thanks more often.
•Our administrators and Office for Catholic Education staff that courageously lead our schools and make sure that our mission is alive and well across the diocese.
•My own family that have put up with the long hours and countless meetings. But indeed we have much to be thankful for as a family!

Enjoy this time of Thanksgiving and consider thanking God for all that He has given you!


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  1. Thank you, Chris, for your vision and leadership! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and all the blessings of this season!

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